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  1. Prior to my conversation with Dan, I had never spoken to a psychic in my life. As a matter of fact, to be honest, I’ve always been quite fearful of it. I always said “It’s just not my cup of tea.” And then a series of events put Dan’s information in my hand in a way that I couldn’t ignore. I knew I had to call. Speaking to him was like talking to an old friend. An old friend who “gets me” and speaks lovingly and insightfully about areas of my life as if they had been with me on the journey…even though Dan knew nothing about me other than what he was reading in the cards. He touched on many areas that were not only true, but that I intuitively felt to be the case. He clarified journeys I had been on and gave insight into situations and my reactions to them. Nothing was scary or traumatizing or out of my comfort zone…everything was so in line with what I felt to be the case for my life and he was there to reaffirm and help me see clearly. He addressed things that were significant that I had not given enough attention to and things that were significant that I had given too much attention to. His demeanor and kindness and easy made me feel like I was talking to a dear friend. I made lots of notes and felt his words even more profoundly when I went back to reread. Not only that but he gave me a sense of peace that I very much needed even though I knew it was in me…I needed the words. Thank you Dan. xx

  2. Highly Recommended! Dan is amazing and worth every penny and then some. Everything he said was on spot and made sense. I requested a reading, but it was also very healing. He was able to see and tell me where I’ve been and where I’m at and where I’m headed. My reading from him left me with a sense of peace within that I needed desperately. If you’re thinking about having him do a reading for you, go for it; you won’t regret it! Thanks Dan!

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