What is a Psychic Reading or Energetic Healing?
A psychic reading (or intuitive reading) is an energetic reading performed by a person trained in clear seeing. The reader sees energy systems and pictures in your energetic space, which consists of your aura, body and spirit. The reader will look at the energy and pictures around the issues or questions that you bring to the reading. They’ll tell you what they see, how it is affecting you and help you move beyond the things in your life that are holding you back.


What are the Benefits?
People who experience psychic readings are often able to finally see the things in their lives that are holding them back. With this seeing comes a shift in energy. They can move beyond the limitations of their present and engage in a more present, intentional and happier life.


How Often Might a Reading Happen?
It usually takes 5-7 days to absorb the information that comes forth from a reading. For this reason, I recommend that readings don’t occur more frequently than every few weeks or every month.


How Long Does a Reading Take?
Readings can last one hour or one and one half hours, depending on the type of reading you choose. Readings can be in person if you are in the Boston/Cape Cod area or by phone anywhere in the United States.


Are My Readings Confidential?


What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For My Reading?
To get the most benefit from your reading, prepare up to three questions or issues you’d like to focus on.


What Happens During My Reading?
The reading is very much like a one-on-one meeting with a counselor or friend. If the reading is in person, you will sit facing the reader. The reader will be in a meditative space with eyes closed. During your reading, the reader will look at the energy (seen in pictures) around the issues or questions you have presented. The reader will tell you what they see, and how these pictures are affecting you. They will look at the origin of these pictures and why you are choosing to continue to react to them. They will help you move these issues out of your life.


Can I Bring a Friend?
Readings are private experiences. Please ask in advance if you’d like to have a friend or loved one join you at the reading. There is space for a friend to accompany you and wait outside the reading room for you.

Engel Geist


“Dan’s reading skills are as astute as they are concise. Yet, he brings a sense of humor as well as compassion into the mix – which makes the readee feel completely at ease.” – R.K.


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