Energetic Healing Work

Energetic Healing Work

roseI believe that any one of us can have a more joyful, abundant life by focusing on the positives and being open to new possibilities. Sometimes we get stuck in old patterns and belief systems that limit us and keep us from moving forward. If we are able to see these belief systems in a new light through energetic healing, we attain higher levels of energy and can achieve more happiness.

During my psychic readings, I help my clients see where their energy is stuck and how their current belief systems are holding them back. I work in images that show me where their limitations reside. Through energetic healing work, they become more aware of these limitations and empowered to make positive changes in their life. They learn how to let go of the past and make the conscious choices that achieve their dreams!

Engel Geist

“Dan is a wonderful reader. He’s gregarious, down to earth and a total sweetheart. I really felt that he “got me” and the issues I was struggling with. He was precise and got to the heart of the matter. Some of the information was so powerful, I became very emotional. It has been a wonderful growing, as well as healing experience.”
 – Roxanne Q.

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